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Vinyasa Playlist

Yoga with a twist

Yoga is a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes take itself a little too seriously for my liking. Namaste* this and happy smiling face that … Just last week I had my head so far up my own asana*, I had trouble seeing the free-range wood from the hand-reared trees.

Finding a class to keep me on my yoga-loving toes is no easy task – but breathe deeply, yogis! I’ve found a class that will get your chakras* humming, and it’s taught by a yogi with her feet firmly planted in the modern world: Melbourne’s very own Jo Stewart. She bends, she blogs, she downward dogs*!

Inspired by a dynamic, flowing form of yoga called Vinyasa*, Jo and her music-loving husband Rane have melded their passions for ambient electronica, yoga and good times into a soul-tingling, heart-opening class at the Dance of Life Centre of Yoga & Healing. Each week Jo picks a theme – fire, say, or earth – and Rane creates an accompanying playlist. With names like ‘Deep Twitch’ or ‘Hip-Hop Hips’, this fun-loving duo’s creations will have you busting a funky frog*, putting an extra curl in your cobra* and popping a particularly graceful pigeon pose* in the blink of an all-seeing eye.

Classes are suitable for all levels, there’s plenty of relaxation time on the mat, and sometimes Jo even posts Rane’s yogi-licious mixes on her website for download. Now you don’t get that at an ashram in the middle of India, do you? See you on the mat.

Dance of Life, Room 2, 250 George St, Fitzroy
Classes Mon 7.15–8.45pm

‘Encyclo’ trivia

* A common greeting in India, namaste has many translations in English, but it loosely means ‘I honour the divinity within you’.
* Asana is a Sanskrit word used to refer to a yoga pose.
* Chakras are energy centres or centres of spiritual power within the body.
* The downward-facing dog, frog, cobra and pigeon are all yoga poses.
* Indeed, Vinyasa is often called ‘Vinyasa flow’ or just ‘flow’ because you move seamlessly from one asana to the next.