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Vanessa MurrayI grew up in New Plymouth, Taranaki. It's a small town on the west coast of New Zealand known for its snow-capped mountain, art gallery, black sand beaches and bogans. 

I studied English Literature and Social Anthropology at Victoria University in Wellington, finished with first class honours then headed to London, where I spent three years perfecting the art of evading tube fares and not smiling at strangers. Since 2004, I've called Melbourne’s northern suburbs home. 

Likes: yoga, bicycles, bittersweet chocolate, mornings, green tea, dogs, tequila, baking, handwritten letters, historical fiction, river swimming, festivals, live theatre, foreign films, polka dots, grammatically correct text messages.

Dislikes: lateness, liquorice, cats, bad television, procrastination, pineapples, KISS (yes, the band), bloody Mary's, strawberries